Journey report of our trips
to Romania

In 1999 we wanted to do something else, after tree year Spain / Portugal we changed our holyday destination. We liked to go to Romania.
The first thing we had to do was to get a visa. At the price of 80 guilders a person we had the visa.
In our first planning we had chosen to go trough Austria, so we needed also an autobahnvignet. But in the end we didn’t need the vignet, because we didn’t come near the highway (autobahn).
The first year we drove trough Austria and Hung aria. The following years we drove trough Tjechië, Slovakia and Hunaria. We like this route, it's more fun to drive, the prices are nicer and the people are friendly.
When you enter the Romanian border it is like you enter the middelages.
This was our first impression in the year 2000.
Chicken, geese, horses and wagons are walking on the street, oldies or children walking their cow and/or goat is a common view
In Romania you see everything on every road (highway ore sand path) such as herd of cows, horses, goats and sheep’s whit ore whiteout shepherd As you see on the small roads also on highroads. All the traffic uses the same roads. During the first year we had a major breakdown our brake pads were gone.
We drove up on a hill and that hill became a mountain. The nice road becomes a gravelly road, the weather was also very bad. To go the mountain up was no problem, but going down was very difficult because I had to use the brakes the most of the time to prevent slipping down the mountain. So we came safely on the other side of that mountain but our brake pads are gone steal on steal.
We found a little workplace that engine's repairs.
They formed new brake pads of car brake pads and after some hours we did go on whit our journey and whit very good "new" brakes.
The lesson learned is you must have spare brake pads.The second year we did go to the drip-stone-caves in Aggtelek Nature Park in Hungary. Those are very beautiful. A bus brought us to the entrance.
After a ±3 hours walk through these caves in which you go up and down, the height differences are big, you come by the exit above, this is at the starting point of the busses. You have to really do it your self.
There also is a short turn of ±1 hour and a day trip of ±8 hours. The reservation for the daytrip has to be a week in front.The third year we wanted to go to the Black Sea. The sea is normally blue and the beach life is the same as in Spain, Zandvoort (NL) or Portugal, for us consequently not as interesting. But the route to and back, is just beautiful.
If you want to go to Romania, prepare yourself that the roads, if you want to see something of the country, that roads not always are molted. There are a whole lot of pieces of roads that are covered with coarse gravel and pebbles. It also can be that the road surface changes. This is the moment you, doubt are we good or are we lost?
Mostly the little roads and paths are correctly, as they are indicated on the map.
We have the appointment made that we for 6 o'clock in the evening must find a place to sleep, this to prevent that we are too long on those small roads and paths remain.
The good direction is some times only a horse and carriage trail or a kind of water-flow, that appeared to be really the right way, we learned that with hands and feet you can ask the way and get an answer. Most of the time we came on the right road again.
Some places and roads you have to see and drive:

  • Sapinta, here is a cemetery where the tombstones are special, the reason of death is through means of a picture and text on the back. (Sometimes very sarcastically) You have to decipher the Romanian language.
  • The road 12c is very nice
    many curves and really a steep road.

  • If you go the south side of the Danube, and travel between Bulgaria and the Danube come you through a particular landscape with much wear away hills.
  • On us have the ferries over the different rivers made great impression, the strange driving gear of a tugboat,
    an fire sprayer for a kind of hydro driving gear gets you to the other side. You must have no hurry.
  • When you like it, you can visit many Monasteries.
  • Two or three castles that supposed to be from Dracula (Vlad Tepes). In Bran stands the most known.
  • Sighisoara is a German enclave with a monumental downtown, really you shout take the time for this city.
  • The road 7a trough the mountain-
    -pass Bora (±2000
    meter high), the road has many curves.

Pension “Holland” Hidiselu de Sus (Oradea).

Motor camping “MaygarRoute 66” Szilvasvarad (HUN).

Motor pension ?Surmitzblick? at Leutenberg (Thuringen GE).


On the mostly odd places come your there are people, on a leave tortuous mountain paht above, we just sit for a rest and we see an old man walking, he begins spontaneous talk to the motor, if I than say something back, he gets it totally no longer. Final he sees us sit and offer some of its fuel, a self-burn drink, we thank him friendly, and after an attempt to talk we really must go furtherer.
So you can get on an other mountain path, a pot of honey from a beekeeper, the swarm of bees lives in a kind of clowns weagon, or there comes a herd of pigs, with a very old wife that have that saw under her care .......
And then Pension “Holland” we saw the plate and we go out try it. After the ring, oh yes there is a real doorbell, a young woman comes, and says that she shall get the patron. The patron is a very nice man from the Achterhoek (NL), that 6 till 8 months in the Netherlands works and then in its pension holiday holds. As you are there you find it, is tremendous. Good foresee without excessive luxury.

We have the first two years with our old gl 1100 Gold Wing from 1980 ridden (see also the photograph of the weg7a). The last holiday we have with our new motor F6C these is an undressed gl 1500 Gold Wing ridden.
During all these holiday’s, we have droved between 6000 and 7000 kilometers.

Greetings, Lida & Mathijs